It’s your new home, so you’ll want it to reflect your lifestyle, your tastes and your budget. At your job site, there’s a team of people ready to help you make the right choices. We’ll advise you on the many customization options that will make your dream home become a unique reality. And we’ll deliver all this choice confirmed and clarified in a fixed price contract. Building your new home just the way you like it is surprisingly easy.

Our mission is not only to create a new home that you and your family will love living in, but to make the whole process of creating it an easy, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable experience, too.

Our mission is to provide unmatched client service starting with the first initial meeting. From designing, to picking the colors, to handing over the keys, Orbit Holding offers a personalized, one-on-one approach to your project. We take great pride in the design and attention to details. Client satisfaction and eternal happiness is what drives and motivates us.

The initial consultation is the most exciting part of the building experience. Here we help you design and create a perfect living environment. Our design team and numerous trade contractors are involved every step of the way.

Once the dream is in the design stage, blueprints and all other documents are drawn up, delivered and await approval. Orbit Holding takes out all the stress and lets you focus on other important things, like which family members gets what room.

We offer a vast selection of floor plans and upgrades while maintaining an affordable price-point. We are a young, experienced and energetic team that is enthusiastic about creating innovative, environmentally-friendly housing.