Dramatically reduce your household running costs with an energy efficient Smart Home that delivers all the creature comforts without the price tag. Smart wiring allows reconfiguration of the home over and over again as your needs change or as the home is sold

Orbit Energy Control ensures that they treat their customers with care by keeping a clean working environment and respecting their property. They are always ready to give friendly customer service and to listen to their clients’ needs.

Energy efficiency is the largest untapped resource in Canada. Orbit Energy Control contractors can help your home take advantage of this resource and realize its immense saving potential.

Orbit Energy Control offers a complete spectrum of design including electrical & controls designand process design disciplines.We perform in-depth energy audits and computer model simulations to determine a customer’s baseline usage.

Once a baseline has been established, Orbit Energy Control offers a customized recommendation to minimize power consumption with no compromises on comfort or design intent such as load consumption, like improving space conditioning and lighting, which account for 70% of all energy consumed in a typical office building